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Could drones soon be part of every toolkit?

Posted on 21/03/2017 by David Walker


A provider of bespoke drone solutions for businesses believes that drones could soon become a vital part of every tradesperson’s toolkit.

Drones are fast becoming an important piece of kit for many professions, now widely known for aiding photographers, videographers and emergency response teams on a regular basis.

However, when analysing the top 10 business sectors using drones, trades – such as construction and plumbing – came in top at 11.5%, beating manufacturing (9.9%), information and communications (9.1%) and even creative and photographic (8.8%) sectors.

The report noted that drones aided the trade sector by assisting in inspecting machinery, costing jobs and other practical tasks.

As drones become more affordable and training more widespread, they could soon become part of every tradespersons toolkit !

Beyond being used as a tool for inspection, larger-scale drones fitted with industrial sensors such as laser scanners can collect huge amounts of high resolution data. This can then be analysed using specialist software and turned into 3D models.

With this information, safety on building sites can be improved and identifying and minimising future issues can reduce costs further, benefiting the sector. Watch this space !!