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The CV - How to write one

Posted on 25/02/2017 by David Walker


As a recruiter I see a lot of CVs. Most need a lot of re-vamping to ensure they promote the individual in the best possible light and are suitable to forward to a prospectice employer.

The most important things to remember when compiling a CV are:




  1. Make it easy to read - neatly set out, headings in bold and underligned / use bullet points.
  2. Ensure no gramattical or spelling errors (use spell check - it takes seconds!).
  3. Set out your career history in chronological order with the most recent role first - include dates, company name and job title (again bullet points are best).
  4. SELL YOURSELF in a professional manner - include accomplishments (both work and education related), targets hit, KPIs achieved, etc.
  5. Don't overuse the adjectives - don't use phrases such as "vast experience" or "huge knowledge".
  6. Don't use stock lines you see in other CVs or online - eg: "can work well in a team or on my own"  -  everyone is using it, it's old hat ! - be honest, describe your attributes in 2 or 3 lines.
  7. Don't describe yourself in the 3rd person or overuse "I"   eg: "Billy is an exceptional salesman"  or  "I would describe myself as....".

Always feel free to forward your CV to me at :   if you would like me to check it over and advise on any ammendments required.

Alternatively we can write your CV for you, free of charge!