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Report proves Skill Shortage reality

Posted on 16/01/2017 by

Th 2

In an uncertain world one thing is hear to stay by the looks of it. The skill shortage in Engineering. 

A report called 'Engineered in Britain: Manufacturing a Successful Economy?' by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Accountants and Business Advisers BDO LLP claims that manufacturers have become less confident in the Government’s ability to create a more balanced economy by growing the sector. 

The report had some interesting findings. For example:

It revealed that just 45% of manufacturers believe that the Government is committed to creating a more balanced economy by growing the sector, a drop on last year’s 48%. So people's confidence in the Government's assistance is waining.

The report shows that 77% of the manufacturers think that the lack of skilled engineers is the biggest barrier to future growth. This is a no brainer - of course - we all know that if the skill shortage is not addressed then productivity slows, salaries go up which pushes prices for UK products up, which in turn makes us less competitive in the global markets - especially Europe (very opical at the moment !). 

So why aren't the government helping ? It's time to realise that the government isn't our back stop. If they cared enough they would channel some finances into promoting Engineering educational and training facilities. 

Time to grow our own !