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Renewables out but market up !

Posted on 12/01/2017 by


A recent article in H&V News describes how senior figures representing wind, solar and tidal power say “dramatic” subsidy cuts for renewables are scaring away foreign investors and could leave scores of British firms in this industry on the brink of bankruptcy. Indeed, as shown in this articlethe UN’s chief environment scientist, Professor Jacquie McGlade, has criticised the cuts in support for renewable energy made in the UK and said the UK is “shifting away from clean energy as the rest of the world rushes towards it”.     

All the talk of protecting the environment seems to be worthless. Even worse the Government is now touting Chinese nuclear reactors. How is nuclear energy sustainable. It's all probably more to do with deals than actually what is best for the environment. This story is backed up by the fact that American solar giant SolarCity has pulled out of the UK market less than a year after setting up here.

Encouraging data in this article shows that the index for permanent construction professionals rose from 61.9 in August to 64.7 in September and was above the average for all types of permanent staff. This is not great news for those trying to expand, as it means skilled staff are harder to find but, as the article says, it shows good times for those who have invested in their workforce, hold their loyalty and can bring an experienced team to site.

Bring on good times..........